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All I Want for Christmas is a Cleaning Crew. May 20, 2010

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I don’t even need a full service, clean my house top to bottom every week type of cleaning crew. I just want someone to come in every couple of weeks and do a few things:

1. Wash all of my floors (by hand, forget the Swiffer)

2. Clean the bathrooms – entirely.

The rest I can handle. Dusting, not a big deal. Laundry, easy. Dishes into the dishwasher – piece of cake! Oh…

3. Wash the windows and mirrors. This isn’t even because I don’t want to do it myself, this is because I’m actually incapable of doing it correctly. I’ve been trying, and failing, for years to successfully clean windows and mirrors. Windex, paper towels, microfiber cloths, water & vinegar – you name it I’ve tried it and the mirrors looks worse than when I started. In the back of my mind I have a theory that I will cautiously offer to you. . . perhaps if I tried cleaning them more often they wouldn’t be quite as dusty and, therefore, wouldn’t leave as much streakage behind. It’s a theory, a small thought that I choose not to spend too much time contemplating.

And that’s the thing about cleaning – it. never. ends. If you don’t mind unclean then no big deal. But I really like clean. I grew up with clean, I’m use to clean. I like clean. Not like white gloves swiping across every surface clean, I’m just talking let’s vacuum on a regular basis and get out the Pledge once you can see a bit of dust on the tables. Even still, I just can’t seem to live as clean as I’d like. How did my mom do it?! Oh, that’s right, a cleaning lady – my mom is a genius!

I’m a pretty organized person (clothes in the closet sorted by color and season type of person) but I’ve decided my cleaning problem is that I don’t have system. And I don’t think I’m going to get one. It’s just one of those things I’m being honest with myself about – cleaning my house will always be performed randomly and, therefore, not frequently enough. And that drives me crazy, even though it’s my doing. What kind of sense does that make? None. That’s why I need a cleaning crew.

Here’s how it works in my house.

Laundry is done on a weekly basis, usually on the weekends (OK I guess that’s a regularly scheduled event despite my comment above, but the reality is my husband somehow manages to fill up the entire hamper each week so it’s either an overflowing hamper or I do laundry. And I do like clean towels). But washing the sheets on a weekly basis? Who has the time?!

Sweeping…have I mentioned our dog, Newport? I swear he singlehandedly carries in an entire landscape of grass, sticks, dirt etc. about every 2 days. So yes, sweeping gets done frequently – but certainly not daily even though it would be warranted.

Dusting, toilets, showers, mirrors, windows, floors & vacuuming – now that is a different story. In the Nemec household we’ve developed a routine called “time to clean when company is coming over.” It’s the only time cleaning is a team effort and, therefore, I love company. Scott has three standard jobs – empty the dishwasher, take out the garbage, vacuum. Let me intervene with a little lesson I learned a long time ago ladies. If your husband accepts a household chore as his, let him do it ON HIS TIMELINE. If the dishwasher is clean and I have a pile of dishes waiting to go in it then I REALLY want it emptied immediately. But if Scott’s working, watching TV, on his computer etc. am I going to do it? NO. Give in one time, just one time and it’s game over. Next time the dishwasher is clean he’ll get “busy” until you’ve given in and done it yourself again and, simple as that, his chore list has officially been cut to 2.

So, Scott vacuums. I hate vacuuming. But he doesn’t mind, and he actually does a fabulous job. He’s meticulous about vacuuming. So what’s the problem you ask? Well, how often do you vacuum your house? Because ours only gets vacuumed when we have company. Last Friday we were suppose to have some friends flying into town and I was ecstatic at the thought of fresh, clean carpets. 8 or 9 hours before arrival time the flights got cancelled and changed and that meant no house guests. It’s been 6  days, take your best guess – has the vacuum left our closet? Ladies, my husband is wonderful, he really is. But if I invite you over, please accept the invitation. My carpets need you!

As I was on my hands and needs scrubbing our floors this morning (hence this blog) my husband, on his way upstairs says, “wow, our carpets are a mess! We really need to vacuum.” YES! I’m thinking he’s finally going to give in and do it without the threat of company.

Me: “I know, they’re terrible. Will you have time to do that today?

Scott: “Um, maybe. I have softball at 6:15.” (It’s 9:30a.m.)

Anyone want to come over for dinner tonight??

My floors look great. I have a tile back entry way and bathroom and hardwood in my family room, kitchen, front hall and office and ALL of it was cleaned by hand this morning. They’re shiny and fresh and perfect! And in a few days they’ll be a mess. I can’t stand the cycle and so I won’t wash them again for who knows how long. That’s just what I do. They’ll drive me crazy but the thought of washing them again by hand will drive me crazy too – I can’t win.

And so all I want for Christmas is a cleaning crew. Please?


One Response to “All I Want for Christmas is a Cleaning Crew.”

  1. rachel Says:

    You are so funny and so right. Cleaning NEVER ends. I try to clean something every day so I don’t have to do it all at once. Dust one day, floors the next, bathroom after that, etc. It sucks and I really have to give my mother some credit. We never had chores and the house was always spotless!

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