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Did you pick out a name yet? July 4, 2010

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No. Not really. Ok? We had no problem picking out a name for our dog. Me: “I want to name him Newport.” Scott: “Yep, that works.” Had the ultrasound tech told us we were having a baby girl, no big deal. Lyla Ruth would be arriving this August. But tell us we’re definitely having a boy and suddenly we are truly living on extreme opposite sides of the name-game spectrum. At first there was plenty of time to figure it out, or in my case try holding out until my name won. But now we’re 6 weeks out and not only do we not believe in the “wait until you see him” theory (because we are well aware that we’d have a baby without a name for days) but what are the two questions that everyone asks you at this point? “Do you know what you’re having?” and “Did you pick out a name yet?” I’m thrilled I have an answer for question number one but for a lady who’s not suppose to be under a lot of stress right now, the answer to question number two is seriously reeking havoc on my blood pressure. Here’s the main problem, this kid is equally mine and my husband’s and so we should really both have a say. He will be my son and my husband’s son for the rest of our lives and he will have whatever name we choose to give him for the rest of his life. This is a daunting task. How do people do this? I have a couple of names I’m head-over-heels in love with.  Scott has not fallen in love with the names as I foolishly thought he would. He has, on the other hand, fallen in love with a much larger selection of names – most of which I am having a hard time even liking, much less falling in love with. I’ve got to give the guy credit, while I have about 3 names on my list, Scott has come up with at least 20 he could handle – it’s just that we don’t overlap at all. But I’ll admit, he has definitely been the flexible one while I am unable to move past my top 3.  At this point we have narrowed it down to a couple of names we both like – but is it ok if we choose a name neither one of us loves just because we can’t agree? Is it better to just pick one that at least one parent loves? Did I mention this is a decision that lasts a lifetime?

People keep telling me that my vote should count more. After all, I am doing most of the work at this point and my guess is labor will be a bit more difficult for me than it will for my dear husband. I’m not going to lie, I’ve used that argument but Scott’s a pretty smart guy and not a whole lot gets by him. Tonight at a neighborhood get together we were, once again, asked about a name and when my fellow moms jumped on my bandwagon and said I get the final say Scott came up with this: “See, girls plan their weddings from the time they’re 4. And so I let her get whatever flowers she wanted, pick out the dresses whatever…I didn’t say anything (this is where I interupted to make sure everyone knew this part isn’t true, unless ‘it’s ridiculous to pay that much for that’ doesn’t count as saying something). Anway, he continued…”well, this is my future quarterback and I’ve been planning this since I was 16. This is my big deal. It needs to be a name that looks good on the front page of the papers, on the news etc.”

Slightly dramatic I know, but the point is Scott is REALLY excited that he’s having a son. I mean really, really, really thrilled that he gets to experience fatherhood for the first time by raising a little boy of his own. And I certainly can’t blame him for that and I am equally as excited that he’s getting the boy he so badly wanted. And so I don’t blame him for having a (strong) opinion about the name. That being said, it doesn’t mean I’m ready to give in either. I’m excited to have a son too – and the names I like would look fantastic on the front page of the paper!

So that still leaves our baby nameless. “Nameless Baby arrived on August 17th at 3:04p.m….” That’s just not going to work for me. Perhaps in six weeks I can transition from liking a name on our list to loving a name. Either way we’re both going to love our baby more than anything else in the world, so I suppose his name isn’t going to seem like such a big deal at that point, right? 

For the sake of our marriage and of my blood pressure, please pray that we have a girl next time.


8 Responses to “Did you pick out a name yet?”

  1. Martha Says:

    From experience, you will not “know the name” when you seem him – and if you don’t have a name picked out by then (which we didn’t with boy #2), you actually become more blank about a name! I won’t say this will work for you guys, but it happened to work for us:
    Nate had the name “Hewson” picked out for quite a few months before baby #2 was born, but each time I heard it, I laughed it off because it was so off-the-wall. However, as we sat in the hospital room after baby #2 was born, we started writing the names out that we each liked, and that it when I finally fell in love with the name “Hewson” – it took actually seeing it on paper to realize it was the name! So, if you haven’t done it already, maybe write your names out and see if any of them make both of you fall in the love with the name:)

  2. Scott Says:

    Or just pray that there isn’t a next time…

  3. Hedy Says:

    What a drama; don’t tell Baby Nemec about the 23 different names he could have been called; he’ll undoubtedly have an opinion about what you should have named him…
    I, for one, don’t care what you call him; I just want that little baby in my arms…soon!

  4. Dana Says:

    Your baby is going to be the coolest little guy ever, no matter what his name is. I think you’ll be happy with whatever you choose. He’ll grow right into his name, just like Newpy did 🙂 But for the record, I’m on Team Kaye!

  5. Good luck deciding. We just had our first almost 5 months ago and we had a list of 17 names that we hadn’t narrowed down when I was checked into the hospital to be induced. We couldn’t agree.

    As soon as she was born though we just decided and that was that. Never looked back. I still have the list on my phone and every now and then I look at it and think – she is sooo NOT a _____.

  6. Nathalie Foy Says:

    Hi. I am here from 4mothers. Love this post! No word for what to name our love for newborns, but what did you call the baby? If you get a chance, check out the link to Beth-Anne’s article in The Globe and Mail about naming her third son.

    • Nathalie Foy Says:

      I’m a dolt. Saw the baby’s name! Just erase that bit!

    • nemecke Says:

      Hi Nathalie. Thanks for your comment and thanks for sending me the link to Beth-Anne’s article – it was great! My husband and I actually went through the exact same thing before we finally agreed on Brayden.

      I just discovered 4mothers yesterday and am glad that I did! Looking forward to all the future posts!

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