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Well that’s a neat idea… August 14, 2010

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Just saw a great idea over at SecondCityFirsts that I think everyone should put some thought into. Rachel created a “bucket list” of sorts called ’30 Before 30.’ Pretty self-explanatory really, but it’s a list of 30 (well 26 and counting) things that she wants to accomplish/do before she turns 30. I have often uttered the words, “yeah, that’s on my bucket list. . .” but time passes, things change and all of a sudden here I sit wondering what all those things have been. I’m sure they were fantastic ideas, now if only I could remember what it is that I wanted to do so badly at that point in my life. I bet I’d still be interested in accomplishing it today.

As I read Rachel’s blog I seemed to remember writing down something similar in an old notebook/journal when I was in college (pre Bucket List days). I knew that notebook had to be around here somewhere as I would never throw out a journal and sure enough, I found it.

That was hours ago. Have you ever come across a stack of old journals and suddenly hours of your life have passed you by without you realizing it? Wow, I had a lot of thoughts in college! If only blogging was popular back then, I could have had a big head start on this whole online writing thing.

Anyway, I found the list! Unfortunately I didn’t date it, but sometime between August of 2000 and December of 2004 I wanted to accomplish the following things before I died (not necessarily before I turned 30 I guess):

1. Fall in Love – check!

2. See a waterfall – check! If you haven’t visited Yosemite yet I HIGHLY recommend it – go in the spring!

3. Walk in a field of tulips – no check here but, now that we’re back in the Midwest I do plan on heading to Pella, Iowa to cross this one off at some point.

4. Dance under the stars – no check, that I can recall at least.

5. Ride in a limo – no check here either. We had a limo bus for our wedding but I’m not counting that. I want the real deal please.

6. Learn Sign Language – tried this in college and it didn’t go well. But I’m not giving up hope!

7. Get Married – check!

8. Read the Bible – haven’t made it all the way through yet. . .

9. Make a difference…

10. Go on a mission trip – no check yet

11. Find myself – do we ever really, fully find that?

12. Ride in a hot air balloon – no check necessary. Crossing that one off ASAP. Tried the whole para-sailing thing in Mexico and motion sickness won. I’m going to go ahead and guess I’d see the same result in a hot air balloon.

So that was then, this is now:

13. Figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

14. Get paid for writing/editing something.

15. Go to the Oprah show.

16. TRAVEL – to Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Ireland, Norway, Africa and, yes, Canada. Oh and Alaska, the Florida Keys, St. Lucia…I suppose I could have just left this list at ‘travel.’

17. Buy a Sleep Number bed

18. Figure out photography (lighting, all my camera functions etc.)

…and counting…

That’s all I have for today. In my opinion Bucket Lists are ever-changing and continuously growing as we discover new possibilities. Now that I have officially put this list out to the universe I imagine good things will come of it. It feels good to sit down and think about some of the things you want to accomplish in life. I’m glad I revisited this and gave it some thought. Thanks for the kick-start, Rachel!


One Response to “Well that’s a neat idea…”

  1. Rachel Says:

    The Oprah Show is ending soon. I suggest you get down here ASAP and see a viewing. I went with my twin sister and sat in the front row. It was awesome! I think after you have the baby Scott can take a few hints from your list to arrange an amazing date!

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