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Adeee! Adeee! April 19, 2012

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In just a few short weeks it’s not going to be just me and this adorable little guy hanging out all day.

Have you ever seen a kid so happy to be drinking spinach? Melts my heart.

I’m ready for the new baby but I will definitely miss being able to focus 100% on that guy. And, because he has absolutely no idea what’s about to happen in his world, I’m sure he’s going to miss my undivided (for the most part…) attention as well. So over the next couple of weeks I’m really trying to soak up our special time together – just the two of us.

Anyway, “Adee,” that’s the title of this post and for most of you it’s not anything you’d actually consider as part of the English language. But in this house we have recently moved from water being referred to as ‘adoo’ to ‘adee.’ So I guess we’re making progress?? It’s a cold and very rainy day here but if there are two things my son loves more than Elmo they are water and being outside – which sort of makes today perfect for him don’t you think? (I’d prefer 80 degrees and sunny w/ a swimming pool but we take what we can get here in Minnesota.)

Don’t you just think kids in bright yellow rain coats and rain boots are the.cutest.things. in the entire world? I’m pretty sure I’ve been envisioning this sort of mini-photo shoot since…well since…I don’t know since when but I’ve always wanted to have pictures like that.

When I first asked him if he wanted to go outside he ran to the back hall closet and grabbed his red sneakers that he wanted me to put on with his Elmo pajamas. Not gonna lie, that would have made some pretty cute pictures too but I was on a mission. Rain coat it is! He hated the boots at first and wanted me to carry him around the house once he had them on to avoid walking at all costs. Maybe they were too small (maybe), but I was on a mission and I knew being outside would outweigh any pain he may have been experiencing. Don’t judge.

I was right. No issues once we were outside. High five, mom!

Oh if only those boots were yellow. Mental note: add ‘yellow rain boots’ to rummage sale list. (In one size bigger. . .)

We even tried (really hard) to blow bubbles in the rain.

No luck there but not to worry, there were puddles to be found!

Recently Brayden has discovered that when I have my camera out he should look at me and yell, “Cheese!” We had a lot of smiles on our rainy day adventure and I was able to capture a few of the “cheesiest.” 

But all good things must come to an end, right? In Brayden’s world this is so not the case. But it mommy’s world it goes a little like this, “OK, this was actually REALLY fun but now I’m freezing, I’m getting nervous about my camera getting wet and, did I mention I’m freezing?” How is it that kids have no concept of freezing? I’m staring at his fingers as they are turning a deeper and deeper shade of red (no mittens allowed in the rainy day photo shoot) and he is only wanting to dunk those fingers into more and more puddles. I wish I was more like that – more carefree and, frankly, not nearly as much of a wuss in the cold as I am but it is what it is. I hate the cold. Hate. I love being outside but when it’s cold it becomes Daddy’s terrain. “You want to build a snowman?” <whisper> “Go ask daddy.” “You want to go sledding?” <whisper> “Ask Daddy!” You get the point.

So anyway, before I had to explain to my husband why our son’s fingers had frostbite (but I got really cute pictures babe!) I decided it was time to head back inside. Thankfully he still weighs less than me as a voluntary re-entry into the house was not going to happen. And as soon as I shut the door behind us. . .

We had lots and lots of fun playing in the ‘adee’ while it lasted. And I got some good pictures to document it (this one may not be his favorite some day…). Perhaps I will find those yellow rain boots and we can do this again on a warmer day. Or maybe we’ll just give it a whirl in Elmo pajamas and red sneakers.


4 Responses to “Adeee! Adeee!”

  1. Scott Says:

    awesome, wish i could have been there

  2. s.rebholz Says:

    been there, done that, loved it too….another perfect “pic” is umbrella, swimsuit and boots….fun, sue reb…….pray all goes well with little #2

  3. Brad Says:

    What a cute story and great pics. He is very lucky as are you. He is a busy boy.

    Granda B

    • pam paulick Says:

      By the time you find those yellow boots at a garage sale, he’ll probably need a bigger coat lol!!! They grow so fast! Good luck with the upcoming new arrival – Ty and I can’t wait to hear about it!

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